High quality fundamental financial data for everyone

We aim to make fundamental financial data freely available to private investors, researchers and students.

We do this by automising data collection processes, applying machine learning algorithms and using the community to cross check/correct the data.

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SimFin currently offers an online research platform as well as direct data access via bulk download and API:

Online Research Platform

Stock Screener
Filter and screen companies according to 70+ ratios/metrics
If you think a ratio is missing, contact us and we'll implement it!
Instant Excel download of all search results
Detailed Company Profiles
General company information, TTM financials and ratios
Original and standardised financial statements (10 years back, quarterly and annual data)
Instant Excel download of all data
SimFin Fuse
If you are searching for a US company that we have not yet in our database, try to find it with SimFin Fuse and upload the company to the SimFin database

Direct Data Access

Bulk Download
Download the entire SimFin dataset, so that you can get creative and use it for machine learning applications for example
All fundamentals, stock prices and ratios available
API Access
coming soon!
We are currently working on making our API public
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Why we think that free data matters

Why our data is free

We started SimFin because detailed fundamental data is still very costly or hard to access. While there are professional solutions available, they are very expensive and therefore not accessible to most private investors, students or researchers.
We believe in unlocking the value of free data. Of course we have to pay for our servers so at some point we might offer some premium features, but our core dataset that you can access right now will always be free for private individuals, as this is part of our core mission.
SimFin and our data is free, but also still 'work in progress'. We have a lot of data already, are steadily adding more and are trying to make the data as accurate and error-free as possible. Nevertheless, this is a long-term process, if you want to help us in our mission to make fundamental financial data freely available to everyone, register and take a look at the contributions page.