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Inaccurate numbers Eversource Energy (ES) and NSTAR ELECTRIC CO (ES)

Hi Thomas,

I know you are working on new PDF extraction technique; in the meantime, I thought I would continue to report any issues / inaccurate numbers I find as currently in SimFin, because either 1) it is a simple fix that can be fixed in next bulk download preparation, and/or 2) maybe it will give you some thoughts/ideas on making sure the new PDF extraction method is more accurate:

There are 2 companies that actually share same Ticker ('ES'), and both seem to have some inaccurate numbers for EBIT and other Indicators as well:

SimFin ID = '378141' (Eversource Energy)
date = '2015-03-31'
IndicatorName = 'EBIT'
'IndicatorValue = '704.682'

SimFin ID = '822439' (Nstar Electric)
date = '2015-03-31'
IndicatorName = 'EBIT'
IndicatorValue = '558.079'

When I look at the source links for both of these values, the values can not be located in the linked EDGAR document. Not sure where the values come from.

I also looked at other non-linked EDGAR documents referencing these time periods, and I could not locate these numbers for Operating Expenses (EBIT).


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