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Edit or review data

In the UI there's a tool named "Edit or review data" - which is sensational. I've been using it to try to do some data quality reviews.

I wanted to investigate the GE Goodwill write down of -$22b which sounded wrong - but it turned out to be right. Yikes.

Anyway, when I want to look at older values, like MCK (380928) having a WRITEUP of $3.935b at 2017-03-31, I'd like to see the source for that value ( https://simfin.com/data/companies/380928 ). But whichever column I click, I always get the review UI for the latest report. Any way to find the previous source?

Also, is it possible to see the actual source of the column value - the document it was parsed from? That would be super helpful for validation work.



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    Hi mattias,

    There are 2 ways to see the source:
    When you are reviewing the standardisations, you can select at the top other reports by clicking on "change" (see below). If you click on the period (e.g. "FY 2019" in the screenshot) on the left to "change", you will get the exact report the statement was sourced from.

    You can also select the "original" statements (i.e. not standardised) if you click on "original" under "display and export data". If you now go into review mode again, you can click on the individual statements to get the source.

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