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Shares outstanding data differs between statements.

edited January 2021 in Data issues
Hey Mr. Flassbeck and team!

I really like your product. It's very useful.
But I'd like to indicate that sometimes there is data that should be the same between income, balance, and cashflow statements that isn't.
For example, the number of shares diluted starting for 2007 (and other years also) for apple is not the same on the income statement and on the balance sheet. It's quite a small difference, but I thought its better if I point it out.
You probably are aware of this already.

Keep up the great work!


  • Hi tevin,

    Thanks. I just checked this and it seems like for the balance sheet datasets the Q4 numbers are displayed in the shares outstanding column, while for the cash flow it's the FY numbers. The reason is that the balance sheet is always as for a certain point in time (e.g. end of December) while the P&L and cash flow cover a time period (e.g. from January to December). So technically displaying the weighted Q4 shares outstanding numbers is a better approximation for the balance sheet I guess, but it is probably rather confusing. So I think we should change this to display the FY numbers also for the balance sheet.
  • This is changed now so that the balance sheet figures in the "annual" datasets contain the FY shares outstanding instead of the Q4 values, should be reflected in the bulk download files by tomorrow morning.
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