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DAX Coverage Complete, Support for 20-F Filings and Next Steps

DAX Fully Covered
We are happy to announce that the companies from Germany's biggest index DAX are now all available on SimFin.
It took a bit longer than expected to get everything exactly the way we wanted but we think it was worth it, as the addition of other companies from Germany or around the world should be much faster now. This is due to the fact that our machine learning models were not used to work with data from markets other than the US, so we checked all the data points extensively and made a lot of manual corrections at the beginning. Now with these data points added to our system, the models are already working very well, so the addition of all the Q1 2021 reports for the German companies happened with barely any human intervention from our side.

20/40-F Filings Supported by Fuse
We also took some time to improve the backend support for currencies other than USD on SimFin, so that we can convert from one currency to another at all times. With this full multi-currency support, we can now also crawl 20/40-F SEC filings from foreign companies listed in the US. This was a much requested feature and companies like Alibaba or Shopify can now be requested via SimFin Fuse.

Next Steps
We also started working on the as reported/restated datasets that were requested by a lot of users. We hope to finish these before the end of Q2 and will update you with a newsletter again once that is done. Besides this, our focus is fully on adding new data to SimFin and we just surpassed the mark of 3k companies in our database.


  • Thank you for the update! Looking forward to have more international companies in SimFin and additional derived ratios for SimFin+ users
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