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Discrepancy between Bulk Data & Individual Data?

I was looking at some stocks, and there was a difference between the Fundamental data in the bulk download and the file if I download the stock data separately.

For the stock 'ANET' for instance, the 2013Q4 Revenue is stated as 359M in the bulk data download while the actual stock 2013Q4 revenue is 115M. I might be reading the csv bulk data file incorrectly as well, but I tried with a couple of other stocks and they were working. I'm not sure if there are other stocks that are incorrect but can someone else double check 'ANET' first? I could just be reading the file incorrectly.

Thanks for the help! The datasets are really expansive and impressive!



  • Hi Prateek,

    You are totally right, this was a bug in the quarterly output that I just found. It's fixed now, I'll recompile the data now and it should be ready in around an hour. Thanks for pointing this out.

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