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Date Published & Period End-date as separate fields


For future data release, is it possible for you to consider putting the "Date Published" and "Period End-Date" as separate fields, for the fundamental indicators? This may be more useful than needing to choose one or the other for the download. It would allow analysis of the proper quarter's data, based on the date published.

Thank you for considering this request!


  • Hi,

    well it depends a bit, for the "wide" data format this is actually a bit problematic, if we take the dataset "publishing date" for example: indicators that are in the same row (were published on the same date) can apply to different points in time, most notably shares outstanding figures apply often to a single date that can differ from the end of the financial reporting period the fundamentals apply to. So it's just not very easy to organise this additional information with this data format, in the "narrow" data format this isn't a problem, since the two dates could just be in separate columns. So I'll think about it, but I don't see this happening for the "wide" data format.

    In general I think having these 2 pieces of information together is of course very valuable, but if you need this level of detail I suggest using the API, which is much more detailed than the bulk download and with which you can easily retrieve the publishing date along with the period end date for each single statement (https://simfin.com/api/v1/documentation/#operation/getCompStatement)
  • Hi Thomas,

    Yes, I agree - I was thinking of using it with the narrow data format only!

    For API, I will look into it. I'm embarrassed to admit that while I have some experience with SQL and database analysis (which is why I like the bulk download feature), I am completely inexperienced with using APIs, scripting language to access data. I will probably need to look into this and see how to learn Python … grrrr :-/
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