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Find data by growth rates

I've been playing w/ the dashboard. Is there a way to filter companies by a revenue growth rate? For instance, show me companies that grew revenue at least 25% year over year.


  • Hi,

    currently this is not possible unfortunately, but I'm planning to work on some improvements for the data finder in the next days, so if I don't run into major problems I'll implement growth rates too (at least for TTM vs TTM one year ago, which should be easy).
  • edited September 2018
    I'm adding growth rates for all possible time periods for the last 10 years now to the data finder, but some other improvements are taking a bit longer, but growth rates will definitely be available in the next update (just to let you know)
  • Growth rates are now available in the finder (you might have to empty your cache to see the changes)
  • this is great, thank you!
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